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Sometimes little things pile up and become insurmountable. Tension at work, friction with friends, family, or co-workers, recent or older hurts wear you down. Sometimes big things seem overwhelming. Job loss, a death, medical crisis, or moving stop you in your tracks. Sometimes worry or fear attaches to something specific or feels like it is everywhere at once. The support of a psychotherapist can provide a safe haven in tumultuous times. This is a place where you can hear yourself think, express your feelings, hear your own voice, discover your inner wisdom, come to solutions that are authentically yours.

A Licensed Mental Health Counselor since 1989, I have a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology specializing in Jungian and Depth Psychology, dream analysis, object relations and self psychology; my M.Ed. included cognitive and behavioral therapy. I also teach, lecture and present workshops on Jungian topics, including dreams and symbols.

My treatment philosophy embraces the inherent value of each person who sits before me. Within you lie the seeds of your transformation. My passion is engaging with your unconscious as well as your conscious mind in service to your healing.

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